Friday, March 26, 2010


#23: Amazing Savings

So you know how everyone says that they can't afford to buy organic? Well, in Asheville we have a solution. Would you expect anything less from us? Some geniuses (and I mean that with not an ounce of sarcasm) came up with the idea to combine your typical overstock/dented can store with an organic grocery store and the result is AMAZING, Amazing Savings that is! So on my grocery store circuit is usually a trip to Amazing Savings for produce, meat, some dairy, snacks and whatever else I might run across in the process. It really helps me stay within my budget and still get all the things I need and some that I want!

I have much to learn about Liberian food and grocery shopping. It will be part of the learning curve when we get there I am certain, but for now I will continue to enjoy the bountiful (and local) goodness that Amazing Savings provides. There are 2 locations in Asheville and a booth at the new Downtown Market off of French Broad Ave.

Visit them online here: Amazing Savings

This concludes the 25 Countdown for the week! Oh, what will #22 be? I know you can hardly wait...

Peace and Amazing Savings Friends,

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