Friday, March 12, 2010


Well, we have approximately 25 weeks until we set sail for Liberia. In my blog ponderings I(Jessica) thought it would be nice to break up the monotony by counting down 25 of the things that we have most enjoyed about living in Asheville/Western NC.

As most of you know Kyle and I are not originally from the area. We are NC born and bred but hail from the East. However, WNC has welcomed us with open arms over the past 7+ years that we have called her home. Therefore I think it entirely appropriate that we pay homage to her in proper fashion.

I currently have a list of "final" visits and "must dos" before we bid farewell to these hills. I will insert those adventures as I deem appropriate. Take note of this list because if you ever find yourself in WNC you'll need it! Every Friday for the next 25 weeks I will let all of you in on a new favorite thing! Enjoy!

#25: 12 Bones- Restaurants are going to come up a lot on this thing...

Nestled away in the River Arts District of Asheville (which will get a ranking of its own in the coming weeks) is a little shack with a big smokehouse. Get there early cuz' you will wait in line, but it is well worth it. Their food falls into a category I like to call "The Heart Attack Time Machine". You will walk in with the arteries of a 25 year old and walk out with the arteries of a 65 year old man...who smokes...

However, don't let this deter you. It is well worth it. 1 out of 1 President Obama's agree (In fact 12 Bones is rumored to be the reason that his cholesterol was up at his recent physical). This is the restaurant Asheville showed off to candidate Obama when he visited our fair region on the campaign trail. Do not be deterred by this fact if your political affiliations force you to feel the need to write 12 Bones off for this reason. 12 Bones is a place where there are no party lines drawn. The food is reason enough to reach across the aisle.

So this is #25...Another reason to be excited about Fridays

Peace Folks,
Jessica (and Kyle)

P.S. A serious update is on its way!

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