Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Name That Fruit!!!!!


Another competition on Wordless Wednesday! What kind of fruit is pictured above? It’s nothing exotic. I promise you know what it is, but it does look a little different than our American version. The winner will get a special prize in a year! (Sorry we can’t send the prizes sooner!)


  1. I was just sent a link to your blog this morning. I pray that God blesses you while carrying out His work in Liberia. Oh, and that looks like one tasty watermelon.

  2. Hey Jessica! Praying for you. I think that might be a mango.

  3. watermelon!!!!!!
    and not a very tasty one.

  4. That would be a bowling ball fruit....:-) Used to eat or to entertain those at your dinner party before you serve it as a delicious side....:-)


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