Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Beaches and Liberian Sunsets

Kyle likes to say that Liberia is the place where everything washes up on shore. If you ever visit Monrovia you will be able to attest to this fact. The city would never be considered beautiful, but the beaches…well, the beaches have potential…that is if you know where to go!

Sunday evening we went out for a new friend’s birthday. We ate at a tiny Liberian place with a great view of the ocean and sunset. Nothing like pepper chicken and Liberian sunsets!




  1. Jessica! I got your message over at my blog and I'm delighted that you might have a way to relate with Amani ya Juu in Liberia! You asked about my experience with them in Kenya. I shopped there occasionally because (1) the make and sell quality merchandise -- some pot holders and other things I bought there a decade ago are still in tip top shape -- but (2) especially I shopped there because I knew they trained women in various skills and helped them earn a living -- all in a loving, safe, Christian environment. After we returned to the States, I prayed all these years for Elizabeth, a lovely Kenyan woman who worked with us, and her family -- prayed urgently that God would provide for them. A few months ago I found Elizabeth's picture on Amani ya Juu's Facebook page and found out her 2 grown daughters work there too. I could not have asked God to provide a finer place for our dear Elizbeth to work than Amani ya Juu! My heart rejoices! (I wrote about Elizabeth in my book.)

    Do you have an e-mail I could use to contact you?

    Have a blessed Christmas, sweet girl!

    Hugs and smiles,

  2. Nice pictures. We will miss you over Christmas..



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