Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Baby John Doe

We have a Protection Department here at EQUIP Liberia. Protection/GBV (that stands for Gender Based Violence) deals with all types of abuse and abandonment issues with children and adults. It is no small task to confront the atrocities of rape, child abandonment, sexual abuse, etc… in a culture that has a broken justice system, but EQUIP’s GBV program is doing just that.

This past week in the midst of the staff meeting a 7 month old baby boy was dropped off. I (Jessica) met the little guy as he was crying and clearly struggling. His head was enlarged pointing clearly to his condition as hydro-cephalic. His mother had abandoned him and his father dropped him off at another local NGO and left. The back story led us to believe that because of the baby’s disorder the community that he is from had determined him to be a witch. Yes, you read that right; a witch. In Liberia when this happens it is nearly certain that the baby will die because of abandonment or the community will kill it. God, by His great grace and mercy allowed him to be dropped of on EQUIP’s doorstep. EQUIP is currently working to place him with an orphanage and assure that he gets the proper medical care.  


Pray for this little one. We don’t know his name, but God does.


  1. That is so sad!! God has a plan for his life! God will use this little boy to do great things! There was a reason that he was brought to EQUIP!

  2. My heart is breaking for this little guy! But, I know the miracle that God did for Baby Grace. Another case where her village thought she was a demon, a curse, etc. NOTHING is impossible for God!


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~Kyle and Jessica Hoover

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