Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Welcome to our home! We really like our new place. Our humble abode has just the right amount of space. We have running water (for bathing) and a well pump (for drinking) right outside our door! That is luxury!

Sorry about the size, but the smaller the photo the quicker the upload. Trust me it is excruciating! Get out your magnifying glass!

We only have generator power for a few hours a day (in the morning and the evening). Enough to keep our fridge and freezer cool. Kyle has rigged up a battery system to provide lights after the generator turns off at night. The lights are rope lights like what you would see in a tiki bar at the beach. Every night is a party at the Hoovers' house! Kyle also rigged a car battery to power a fan (a must have during the night!).

We are supposedly only temporarily in this space. An older lady who lived in the rehab compound formany years will be returning to live in our place. This means we will have to move next door which is a very different spacef rom where we are now. It is essentially two rooms without a kitchen. Pray that the Lord would work it out that we can stay in our current "home"!


  1. I love your new home! You inspire me that when the time comes for me to set up housekeeping there, I can actually do it. Of course, I'll be asking you over to help. ;-) Keeping you in prayer!!!

  2. What a great place!! if you click on the picture above you can see the picture a littler larger!!!

  3. Kyle, kind of looks like your old room at 1805 guyer... looks like God was preparing you all along.. Seriously though, its cool to see your digs. Keep us posted as much as you can,



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