Friday, November 19, 2010

Made in the Image of God

Almost three weeks ago we set out for Liberia. That seems like millenia away today. We've witnessed scenes that defy description. I often find myself grasping desperately to paint a picture of our life, this life, Liberian life- and it is life even amidst poverty and death.

Last Sunday we attended our first church service in Ganta. It was wonderful and uncomfortable for us. Afterwards I spent a lot of time figuring out what I thought about our experience of African village church. Revelation followed soon after.

We know we're made in God's image as humans- that's Sunday School 101. White Americans tend ( at least I know I'm guilty of this) to imagine God's image as white. At church on Sunday I saw god's image imprinted deeply on a black face and it wrecked me. Africans, and every other ethnicity and culture for that matter, are made to reflect God's image in a way that if they didn't exist God would not be known. God has never been a white man.

Amidst the drum beats, dancing and preaching God's image was radiant.

We live in a fallen world. By God's grace we can witness Him hovering in the midst of our fallenness.


  1. Jessica,

    Our sweet Liberian friends (and Baby Grace) are here in Asheville now. We loved sharing supper with them last night, and they attended their first middle school band concert. :-) They will be speaking to our rather large Sunday School class on Sunday. Please pray the "white people" in our class see the image of God, as you wrote about, in these precious, Liberian people. I, too, desire to see others wrecked as we have been!


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