Monday, February 7, 2011

Short Week, Long Weekend!

Last week we worked hard and enjoyed the likes of Grandpa. Glad to know he is a big hit even outside of Liberia! This week we are cutting it short in Ganta and on Thursday will be heading down south (not to the land of the pine unfortunately, pat on the back for the Old Crow Medicine Show reference) to Monrovia for a long holiday weekend. What holiday might you ask? Armed Forces Day…ironic in a country that has been disarmed, but we will ignore that small oversight and take a few days of a much needed break.


Just in case you needed to see Grandpa again…

Remember the story about the bats? The roasted ones on the side of the road by the pineapples? Well, turns out one of our drivers, Franklin (or Frankie to his friends) is a true Nimba-ite and picked a few up on his way back from the bush. Our friend/co-worker Kristen stood in shock and awe as Frankie proudly pulled his bats out of the glove compartment of his vehicle. I’m sad to say that I was not there and once again failed to get a shot of the bats. The next day when I saw Frankie I gave him a big “No sir!” about the bat-mongering. He was perplexed and clung to the fact that they are sweet and delicious. So we had to ask, “What’s the best part of the bat?” All Frankie said as a delighted grin crept over his face was “the entrails”.

Oh, golly goodness. We’re not in Kansas anymore.

Weekly Prayer Needs:

Pray for rest.

Pray for endurance and patience when days are long and frustrating

Pray for us as the weather heats back up. Our few days of cool nights and mornings are beginning to pass.

Pray for discipline to stay in the Word and be led by the Spirit in all we do.

Pray for Jessica as she plans a Bible Club for children in the EQUIP neighborhood.

Pray for Kyle as he hires new WATSAN workers to complete the work ahead.

Pray that our lives would be conduits of the Gospel to those that we work with.


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