Tuesday, February 15, 2011

M.I.A. on a Monday

Hey Folks and Faithful Readers,

Sorry about yesterday (and the majority of today!). We spent a few days relaxing in Monrovia before returning back to our home here in Nimba County. It was a nice break from Ganta and our constant work. We ate something other than rice and beans and enjoyed Dubai One, our new favorite Middle Eastern television station. All in all a really nice weekend- just too short!

We returned back to Ganta late Sunday. We put away all the goodies we got from the grocery store and readjusted our bodies to sleeping without air conditioning. Even a couple days of A/C spoiled us!

This week is a busy one as usual!

I (Jessica) am organizing and conducting a training on the Clinical Management of Rape. This training will allow many clinics across Nimba County to serve women (and men) who are the victims of rape or other sexual gender based violence across their communities. Kyle is continuing to direct his WATSAN team across Nimba. Our work (both health and WATSAN) now encompasses both our regular responsibilities as well as work with the Ivorian refugee population. Kyle and his team have much work to do in the next 3 months!

We will write more later to fill you in on the details of our work and the way that the Lord is working in our hearts and through our work. We confess that words fall short all too often.

Weekly Prayer Needs:

Pray for our sanity through long days, short nights and complicated work.

Pray for the Word to be alive in our hearts and in our lives.

Pray for our relationships with everyone we work with and alongside of here in Liberia.


P. S. There was a “devil” in Ganta yesterday. He was a Valentines devil apparently. Our friend Kristen had to pay him off so he would stop dancing next to the car. Happens. All. the. Time. Welcome to Liberia.

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~Kyle and Jessica Hoover

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