Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday Update

Well, today Kyle is on to the last of the water technologies courses here at EQUIP U.S.A. The filters and the well drilling courses were a big success with many missionaries being trained to take technology that will improve people's lives drastically all over the world! The pumps course is already in progress!

The following video is of Kyle's well drilling team trying out there newly finished well. Well dug, pump installed, now let's take it for a spin! Watch this video and more on our new youtube channel!

Kyle trying out the new well! He thinks he looks like Patton with the boots rolled up and the hard hat...I think, well...nevermind what I think...

Here is a picture of Kyle's entire team + Kieth the head instructor (in the middle)!

It's been beautiful weather here in Marion,NC. Kyle has really made the most of it. 75% of class time is spent outdoors working! I (Jessica) on the other hand have been opening all the windows in the knock-off Airstream, staring dreamily out the window and tip-typing away on the laptop. I've had a lot of last minute projects to finish up before we leave for Liberia. I've emailed, blogged, added to my to-do list and written newsletters until I swear I have tiny bruises on my fingertips! Check your mailbox soon for our October newsletter!

We can hardly believe that we are less than two weeks away from leaving for Liberia! Then on the other hand we are so ready to go!

Weekly Prayer Need: Pray for our relationships with those we will be working with in Liberia. What I mean is pray for the other workers that we will be working alongside. Pray that our relationships would be God honoring and pray that we would be a gracious light of the Gospel to those we might work alongside of that don't yet know the saving power of Christ. Pray that we would find Christian community and that we would be intentional in living out the Gospel to anyone we have opportunity to minister too.


  1. Kyle really looks official! He's really getting in to this! God's Blessing!

  2. hey Jessica,
    I was wondering if you could send me one of your prayer cards to my school mailbox. I would love to have your prayer card up in my room! Love you!!
    Here is my school address:
    Lauren Faison
    Student Box #2226
    Tigerville, SC 29688


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