Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lots of Questions on a Tuesday

The last few weeks we've been answering all kinds of questions about Liberia and the work ahead. Today, well...I just can't do it. Why might you ask? Truth is I'm tired of answering questions when I have so many of my own. Kyle and I are ready to go, see, and do everything that we've been talking about for months on this blog. Don't get me wrong. I love blogging and sharing with all of our readers about what God is preparing us for...it's just...well...we're ready to go. Won't you pray for us and with us for these answers to come!

We leave in 10 days and we need your prayers. We are going to a country that war has ravaged. We are going to live amidst people that look and act very different from us. The reality is that the answers may be hard to swallow. The answers may change us more than we are able to change anything that we see and experience. This isn't a request for pity. It is a call to get on your knees and plead for God to guide, teach and protect us as we go. Scratch that- you don't have to get on your knees. Sit right where you are in front of your blinking computer screen and lift our names up to the Heavenly Father.

We've got so many questions. Luckily we know the One with the answers.

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  1. As we too are chomping at the bit to get to Mozambique, we understand your thoughts and I will pray lift you up in prayer.


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