Friday, October 29, 2010

The Journey Thus Far

You would think that today's post would be a blur of what we are doing to get ready to leave tomorrow. Yes, we are busily tying up loose ends, but I (Jessica) wanted to steal away from the craziness for a moment. Today is our 5th wedding anniversary. It's unlike any other to date! I wanted to write a little post about my husband. No worries, I'm not the ooey gooey type, but I am the "love my husband like a crazy woman type".

Kyle's a geologist. I tease him about this- kind of a lot, but don't let my teasing fool you. I think he's awesome. We've been transient for about 3 months and it hasn't been easy. No home, no job, having to depend on others, but I have seen my husband rise to the challenge because he sees the bigger picture. He sees the work of his hands as a path way for the Gospel. He's determined to walk that path in faith.

When I agreed to marry him about 6 years ago (it's a long story- but a good one) I knew it would mean walking in the direction of the unknown. 5 years into it the unknown is about all that we have known for sure thus far. He's my rock (ironic considering the geologist thing!) and I've watched our marriage grow as he has stepped forward in faith. I know I am stepping into the unknown with a faithful God and the bonus of a husband whose eyes are fixed on Christ.

So tomorrow we leave for Liberia. This journey doesn't begin tomorrow. It began long ago with seeds that God has planted,watered and is only now bringing to fruition in our lives. I'm grateful for a God who gives good gifts. I am overwhelmed with love for a husband whose faith encourages my own to put aside fear and anxiety and take up the cross of Christ.

Pray for our marriage through this next year. Pray that we would love each other well. Kyle, by God's grace, has done a great job so far.

What a great love that has been given to all that would receive it in Christ Jesus!

It's All Grace,

"How deep the Father's Love for us, how vast beyond all measure. That He would give His only Son to make a wretch His treasure."

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  1. I can't believe you guys have been married for 5 years and i can't believe you are leaving TOMORROW for Liberia! Where has the time gone?!? I got your prayer card out of my mailbox yesterday (i'm not sure when it arrived because I only check my box on Thursdays!) and I am excited to have it up in my room! It is right above my desk so i can look at it and pray for you often! Love you so much!


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