Wednesday, December 5, 2012

She's Walking and We're Walking By Faith

Well, we all knew it would happen someday despite my attempts to knock her feet out from under her. Yes, Miss Millie took her first steps this past week. She is wobbly at best and she still holds tight to her old faithful (and quick) mode of transportation; crawling. However, she is well on her way to joining the ranks of the rest of us two footed folks. I'll update with pictures soon.

In other news we are putting together a new print letter and e-newsletter. Look for that in your mailbox and inbox very soon! We are continuing to walk in faith toward our calling at Equip. We ask that you prayerfully consider walking with us. We hope to be at Equip full time by the end of this coming March. Gulp.

That means some big steps in the near future. A few points of prayer if you don't mind.

  • Ministry Partners (both individuals and churches)
  • Housing (We need a place to live in...obviously. We also need wisdom to know if we should buy, rent or depend on a temporary place that is low or no cost.)
  • Finances (We are depending on God to make our ends meet both now and in the future) 
  • Energy (Energy to do all we need to do in the next few month to prepare for the ministry ahead)
 We are praying that this season of Advent is proving to be a time full of expectation and joy over the King who came in swaddling clothes and over the same King who  is coming again. Look for more pictures from all our holiday adventures in the near future!

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