Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Millie at 11 Months

Here is the girlie girl at 11 months. I am not upset that I won't be trying to get this shot of her once a month anymore. She is a wiggle worm on her best day. Sheesh. But she is our wiggle worm and we wouldn't have her any other way.

Her favorite things are dancing, eating, pulling books off of the shelf and trying to walk. She also follows Buddy the Elf's mandate and says "Smiling is her favorite." We're excited to share our first Christmas with her. It's gonna be a hoot- a hoot in which she likes the boxes and wrapping paper WAY more than the actual gifts.

Oh, one quick thing. We're about to send out a new newsletter. If you are wanting one and haven't received anything in the past then we need your email. Send it to us at internationalhoovers(at)gmail(dot)com Much love and Christmas blessings! The Hoovers

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