Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Mission's Conference, Halloween and Exhaustion

Hi Framily (Friends and Family that is!)

This is a quick update. We are finally in a bit of lull...right before the holidays hit of course! The three previous weeks found us at our first official mission's conference right here in our little burg' of Stanley. Thanks so much First Presbyterian Stanley for loving us well and welcoming us to share our hearts and hopes for ministry! You were a true blessing and we look forward to sharing more with you in the coming years!

Millie and I took to the skies on a grand adventure to Pennsylvania. We were both sick, but we survived thanks to the Lord's grace and Aunt Jenn! Thanks again Jenn! We've recovered almost fully and we've got a bit more energy than we did a few weeks ago. It was rough! We were still sick when we got home so we stuck close to home for Halloween, but Millie was the cutest tutued ladybug around!

Aunt Veronica sent a Halloween goody box with a cute bib and some other goodies. Thanks Aunt Ron!

We look forward to seeing many of you over the holidays. I'm sure I'll have my camera in hand to catch those memorable moments. If you haven't met Millie...well...brace yourself!

Thanks to those of you who have committed to praying for us. We can feel the prayers as we move closer and closer to moving to Marion, NC and joining EQUIP International full time. Please consider supporting us financially if you haven't. We want partners in ministry. We want to be linked arm and arm with all of you in the Gospel. Thanks for the ways you've linked arms with us already!

Love to everyone! 

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  1. PLEASE let us know if you are near Raleigh (which I assume you will be). We would love to get together!


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