Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sad News

Hi folks,

Nothing much (overall) has changed in the past week. Kyle is still in Liberia and I am still adjusting to life back in U.S. We can feel your prayers and are so grateful for your encouragement during this time! It hasn't been easy and this morning Kyle called to share with me some sad news. Our friend Victor lost his son to cerebral malaria. His son was only 11 years old. Please keep this family, as well as Kyle, lifted up. I wrote several months ago after another EQUIP Liberia staff member lost his newborn baby to malaria about the way death, even of close family members and children, is so common in Liberia. You can't help but feel helpless when these situations occur, but for so many Liberians this is a fact of life.

Please pray for peace and for Kyle as he is alone and in need of encouragement (hint, hint)

Kyle and Jessica

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  1. I'm sorry. I understand. We've lost Liberian friends recently too. Praying.


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