Thursday, June 9, 2011

Jet Lagged

Hi folks,

Sorry there has been a gap in the blog. Kyle and finished our amazing trip to Europe and went our separate ways last Sunday. Him, back to Liberia and me home to North Carolina. We both made it back. Kyle is back in Ganta working hard. I was greeted by lots of family at the airport. I will be spending time with different family members for the next five weeks as I await Kyle’s return in mid-July. So that is a brief update. Please keep Kyle lifted up in prayer he has a lot of work to cram into these next few weeks.

I also wanted to share some pictures from our trip. We were so blessed to be able to take this trip. It was such a wonderfully sweet time for Kyle and I. Even baby cooperated and I wasn’t sick really at all the whole trip! We took our time, saw the sights, ate good food and just enjoyed each other! Such a blessing! So enjoy a few pictures from our most recent adventure.


When in London…have tea, right?


Gorgeous flowers with a Union Jack to add a bit of patriotism.


We make that old tower look good.


That crepe was good. Wasn’t it Kyle?


Taking a break at Westminster Abbey.


Beautiful English garden in St. James Park, London


American cemetery in Normandy


My giant hat and I. Kyle LOVES this hat.


My best French philosopher face while standing by Jean Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir’s grave.


Stuck inside of the Louvre pyramid.

There you go folks, a little glimpse into our trip!


  1. I'm such a bad commenter! I've been following, but not commenting much. Congrats on being home & the pregnancy! That's wonderful! Praying the next several weeks go by so you can be with your hubby again. Also praying for Kyle as he is finishing up work in Liberia & you & baby Hoover!

  2. where's the picture of kyle and the hat?
    guess I'll have to wait until July. :(


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