Monday, March 21, 2011

Mouse in the House on a Monday

Top of the Mornin’ to Ya! (said in my best leprechaun voice- sorry we missed St. Patrick’s Day)

Hope that Monday in North America is all you ever dreamed it could be. Phhhhhhttttttttt…..yeah, right.

We’re sleepin’ off the week and heeding God’s command to take a day of rest as I write this. Problem is we need more than one day of rest. When I say “we” I mean Kyle. Kyle is exhausted from work and playing mean tricks on me. What is that you say? Kyle? Play tricks on you? No. Never. It just can’t be. Yes, mean tricks on his gorgeous, hard working, intelligent, incredibly forgiving wife.

Picture the scene:

I’m walking across our front yard with arms full of brooms, mops, household cleaners with my heart, mind and muscles set to destroy that black icky stuff growing in our shower. Kyle, walking to the car, passes me by with a smile and sweetly says there is a surprise for me in the house. Awwwwww, my husband in the midst of exhaustion and stress has taken the time to remember his (insert description from the end of the previous paragraph) wife. He gets in the car because his work for the week is not yet through and he must continue on to the far reaches of Nimba County, my knight…sigh….I rush to the front door, unlock it with trembling hands, dropping the broom and mop. I enter the room eyes scanning for a glimpse of my surprise! Then I see it...lying supine on the floor, nose pointed to the ceiling.

WARNING: The following photos may induce panic attacks in those of you that suffer from musophobia (fear of mice).



My surprise was a dead mouse.

Not really what I was hoping for. Panic attacks are not good surprises…ironically enough. The panic didn’t come from the dead mouse. No, the mouse was not the problem. It was the unknown killer of the dead mouse. Is it me or does it seem weird that a mouse would die mid-stride in the middle of the floor? My first thought was a snake! As you recall we had a snake in our house about a week after getting here, but Kyle reminded me that the snake would have eaten the mouse. Then I thought maybe it’s a spider! If it was the spider left no marks and disappeared into the ether (otherwise known as our ceiling). So that leaves a short list of ways that the mouseketeer could have died; a health issue (I’ve heard heart disease is the #1 leading cause of death in mice- all that cheese and peanut butter they steal off of mouse traps) or a tragic accident. I guess we’ll never know.

That is life in Liberia- dead mice in your house, lizards and spiders ogling you from the walls, disgusting smells that you can’t locate wafting across your olfactory nerves on a near constant basis. Yes, life in Liberia- truly unforgettable. (cue the Nat King Cole)

What else happened last week you might ask? Kyle managed to finish up sighting some new well locations at the 1st refugee camp along with his hundred other responsibilities. I finished up a few projects that I’ve been working on and spent some more time getting to know the kiddos that I’m investing in for my Bible Club of sorts. Martin is still my favorite.

Next week Kyle is headed back out to New Yourpea along the border to finish installing a water system. The rush of refugees has calmed over the last week as the conflict has moved to the south of Nimba, so breathe out and know that it’s still safe for Kyle to go out there. I will be spending some time in the maternity ward at Saclepea Comprehensive Health Center. I am excited to spend some time observing there and hopefully giving some input so that Liberian nurses and midwives can better serve their patients.

God continues to be faithful to us here in Liberia. Though we have had times in recent days that we thought we just couldn’t be stretched any further God always proves one step ahead and endlessly merciful. Isn’t that what this is all about anyway? Glorifying God and enjoying Him forever? Right now is a part of forever so we are living here in Liberia, ministering out of our weakness and trying to live out a life of glorifying and enjoying Him in the here and now forever. Thanks for journeying along with us.

Weekly Prayer Needs:

Pray for our safety as we travel and work.

Pray for rest in the midst of busyness.

Pray for our hearts to be softened to the Word of God.

Pray for those we work with to be softened by the Holy Spirit to the truth of the Gospel.



  1. As I read this post my cat jumped up on my desk. I'm sitting in the dark as the sun has not yet risen. I almost had a panic attack of my own. Praying the critters stay outside of your house :)

  2. you make me laugh! you have such a great attitude! always so positive! I miss you cousin! I wish I could see you more often!

  3. Mom told me a little about your planned European tour. Heres to praying it gets here soon so that you guys can take a break.. Were looking forward to having you back soon,

    Jay & Erika

  4. kind of a big mouse, that sweet gift my brother hath left his lovely wife.
    was it as big as it looked?


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