Monday, March 14, 2011

No Two Days are Alike But Every Day is the Same

Welp, another week has come and gone in northern Liberia. It’s honestly been a blur. A blur of craziness- every day is different, but full of the same problems and hurdles. Liberia is not the place to come if you value doing things in a timely fashion or expect things to go as planned. You will not survive if that is the case. If you don’t believe that ask Kyle- a guy inquired about working here via email the other day and well, Kyle shot him straight- Liberia is not for anyone that can’t go with the flow.

We did have a public holiday on Wednesday- Decoration Day! That is the day that everyone goes and puts flowers on the graves of their loved ones. I actually think that is a day that we could use in America. A day to set aside to remember the one’s we love that have died. Someone want to start a petition for that? Cuz, petitions seem to work so effectively.

Last week I spent some time doing a little field work. By field work I mean playing with kids. I’ve been getting to know the kids that I am starting a Bible Club for and so far my favorite is this little guy named Martin. I don’t have a pictures of him yet because once you break out a camera in front of Liberian kids you have to be prepared to take everyone’s picture…multiple times. But let me offer up a description in lieu of a picture. Martin lives down at Hope for the Nations (rehab for malnourished kiddos) and he has a huge head. Not just huge because of malnourishment issues, but like huge because that is the way he looks- like a funny lookin’ kid (FLK, if you will). Martin, the FLK, has a head the size of an adult, but a body the size of a 3 year old. He’s been malnourished so who knows he might be 17 there is no real way to know for sure, but nonetheless he is one FLK. He is also a funny actin’ kid, the other day when I was having some of the kids help me with a small work project (yes, I do enlist child labor on a regular basis- it’s what missionaries do) and most of the kids are more than eager to help- obnoxiously eager at times- and in walks Martin. Martin, all 3 feet of him, struts around the place (without any pants on mind you) scoping out the work and doing what only can be described as “supervising”. Not once does he make a motion to help or act eager like the other children. Nope, Martin struts around the place, checks out the lay of the land, tips his proverbial hat to me and with a spring in his step exits the building.

I’m in love.

What a man.

Speaking of amazing men, Kyle is hanging on for dear life. Somewhere in the last 4 months he became the person that everyone calls for the answers to life’s most burning questions like, “Mr. Kyle, when are you coming to the office?”, “Mr. Kyle, where is my money for unloading the truck?”, “Mr. Kyle, Mobile 3 needs new bushings…so we need some money.” “Mr. Kyle, Mr. Kyle, Mr. Kyle, MR.KYLE!!!!!” I think God’s preparing him for children…yeah, I’ll stick with that answer.

So that leads us to this week. A week where the only certain thing is that life in Liberia is full of uncertainty…and weird smells…really, there is some weird smell in our house that I can’t find and it is driving me crazy. Arggggghhhhhhh….so pray for us, mmmmkkkkk?

Weekly Prayer Needs:

Pray we maintain sanity.

Pray for rest.

Pray for communion for us as husband and wife and with the Lord.

Pray for us as we minister to those around us who need to be touched by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Pray for vision and purpose as we plan for the next 7 months and beyond.


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