Monday, November 18, 2013

Kenya Believe It? {Two Weeks and Counting}

I've been all kinds of behind in posting in this space. Kyle has been gone to Kenya for over two weeks and the blog equivalent of crickets has been going on here.


Being a single mama is hard. That is all I have to say.

In other news God has really done big things while Kyle has been in Kenya.

Kenya believe it? Watch this to be miffed and mystified by that phrase.

Here are the highlights from Kyle's trip thus far:
  • His journey there was rerouted and he got to have some quality time in the Amsterdam airport.
  • He has been quite the celebrity among the children at the Gospel Spring primary school. 
  • They managed to get a well dug and set up properly. 
  • A western toilet would be a true treat at this point. 
  • He has rekindled his love for Indian food. 
  • He has had ample time at church...more than ample time. 
  • He also has gotten his fair share of rides on motorbike. Which he loves. 
  • Today he put the finishing touches on the spring box.
  • He got his picture taken with a tiger and garland. Not sure what that means. I guess there is a picture to document. 
I'm anxious to see and hear the highlights. I've spoken with him 3 times and Millie and I are both getting antsy for his return.

Also antsy for the Swiss chocolate that he has promised. He has a layover in Zurich on the way back. 

Millie and I were at home until mid-week last week when we began our journey east. We're visiting family to pass the time and enjoying getting ready for the upcoming holidays.

Pray for Kyle as he begins his journey back on Wednesday. He'll spend a couple of days in Nairobi, then on to Zurich and finally will arrive back in North Caroline on Monday evening. One week and counting!

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