Thursday, August 1, 2013

Soggy Summer

Folks, we are soggy. Our house already sits on a spring and there is a part of the yard that is so saturated that it is impossible to mow and is slowly turning into a pond. That means that Kyle has had a heck of a time catching up on mowing the lawn after our whirlwind two week trip. It was Millie high by the time we got home and the rain just won't let up long enough to get it mowed...but I digress.

Things are good here in the hills and we are enjoying a couple weeks of normal day to day. We don't have any other big support trips on our horizon. We leave in a week or so to go on our annual Hoover beach week! And all the Hoovers said, "AMEN!"

We're working on prep for fall Equip training courses, marketing and social media (which is my new job, imagine that!), planning for some conferences we will be attending and supporting our folks already serving on the field.

Last Sunday we had the privilege of sharing in Asheville with our church there. Trinity PCA was our church when we lived in Asheville and they have been generous and supportive during our time on the field and now our time here in the U.S. They truly bless us so we were excited to share what we are now doing and encourage the body at Trinity in how they can be a part of God's global work. Thanks Trinity for always welcoming and loving our family! We are incredibly glad to be near Asheville again!

I'm also going to be hopping on board with a new online community for women. Velvet Ashes, is a heart dream in it's early stages. The idea is to create an online community for women serving overseas.

It will be a community that connects these women who face very real challenges and have very real needs with one another for encouragement. Give Velvet Ashes a "Like" on facebook to show your support if you don't mind!

That is the long and short of what is up with us this week. I think Kyle and I just feel like there is so much to be done. There are so many needs and the greatest need is that we get the Gospel to where it is going, I think it was F.H Henry who is known for saying "The Gospel is only good news if it gets there in time." Yeah, we are trying to get it there in time. Pray for us as we do this work God has called us to.

Prayer Needs:
  • Pray that we would be focused in our work.
  • Pray that the enemy would not find a stronghold to discourage us in support raising and this walk of faith.
  • Pray that we would take time to rest in this season of craziness.
  • Pray that we would be full of love, patience and compassion as we work alongside others for the same purposes.

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