Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Big Details

It has been a long road to this point. We've sent out letters to many of you, but I'm sure you have a million questions like where have ya'll been lately? We'll be visiting more of you in the coming months, but what I am here to tell you right now is the big details of the journey that we are about to transition into.

Yesterday Kyle turned in his resignation at work. Two weeks from now we will pack up our house and move to Marion, NC. Kyle will jump into the water technologies training courses for a few weeks and after that we will be hitting the road to visit many of you and share our hope and vision for the future.

You can read more about the heart of this journey over at my (Jessica) blog. 

God has done great things in our hearts and in our reality to make this move possible. We knew several months back that we would need to be able to raise support full time to have the necessary finances to work for Equip full time. It just isn't possible to raise support full time when you both have full time work that takes up your time (me, chasing around a toddler and writing and Kyle working easily 50-60 hrs. each week). We prayed that God would open a door to do this and as He is so prone to do, He did. {Gulp}

We are moving to Marion and will be residing for the next year in the home of some folks that are headed back to the field in Central Asia. It is a humble abode, but has everything we need. This serves several purposes. First, the house is rent free to us. We only have to pay utilities and mow the lawn. Second, we will be able to raise support while having a home base in Marion. This allows us to raise the support we need in full- hopefully by September of this year- while being local to Equip for classes and other purposes. Lastly, it give us ample time to find a more permanent home for our family. After years of wandering we aren't done wandering, but we are hoping to develop a bit of a home base for ourselves.

That is the deal. We're moving two weeks from Saturday. We've been so blessed by those that have become a part of our lives here in the Charlotte area. We commented after church on Sunday that we would love to move Exodus Church with us to Marion. Is that possible? Next plant maybe? Does Marion count as the "Greater Charlotte Region"? You get my point. We've been blessed by the body here and we rejoice that many of you will be part of our team moving forward- and our moving team! Thanks in advance for helping with the piano. 

The coming months will be full of God-sized adventure. Training classes (at least the water technologies) run from our moving weekend through the beginning of May. We'll be all over {NC, GA, SC, PA, FL, TX- all possible stops on our tour!}sharing our work with Equip and the work of many folks on the field and how you can equip us and yourself to be a part of the Gospel work all over the globe. Kyle will be headed to Kenya for the better part of July. Yeah, it's gonna be a wild ride, but one we are excited about and leaning hard on God to provide for every step.

Here are a few things that you can post on the refrigerator for us...

Prayer needs:
  • Sanity as we move
  • Hearts full of faith in God's provision
  • Smooth transition for Millie to new surroundings
  • Supporters to already have their hearts softened to join us as partners financially
 Please send any questions or comments or information to join our mailing lists to internationalhoovers(at)gmail(dot)com and look for a brand new website in the coming months.

Thanks for going on this journey with us.

In Christ Alone,
Kyle, Jessica and Millie Grace Hoover

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  1. We love you guys. Happy to share a small part in your journey. We're in for moving when the time arrives. See you soon,
    Jay and Erika


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