Wednesday, September 12, 2012

8 months old! (oh, and you got our letter, right?!)

Hey ya'll

Just wanted you to see the latest milestone for AG (Amelia Grace, that is, or Millie to all her friendlies). She hit 8 months on Sunday! Gulp, that means more movin' and shakin' for her! Ok, more movin' and shakin' for her and her parentals. Ok, more tying everything down and locking everything possible that she could harm herself with. She bumps her head a lot these days, but only cries every 20th time or so...pretty good odds I least good enough that she keeps trying.

mid-laugh (no teeth yet, as you can see!)

Some of you are curious about the red dot on her head. Don't lie. We know you are. We like to pretend it is God's way of preparing her for life as a missionary in India...ok, well maybe, but it is actually a hemangioma. You can look it up. Chances are it will be gone by the time she is two. Just a little something extra on her beautiful face. Happy 8 months sweet girl!

Our sources tell us that those of you on our mailing list should now have our latest letter in hand. What do you think? We hope that you enjoyed catching up on our latest adventures and seeing our heart for the work that God is placing before us. As our Liberian friend Blama would say, "It is no small thing." We need your prayers and support. We are looking for ministry partners so please consider joining with us in this endeavor.

All right, that is it. Gotta make the most of naptime. Can I get an "amen" from all the mamas out there?


  1. I would love to meet this sweet little girl! I love her and I haven't even met her! Anyway...I can't figure out how to follow your blog! Help??

    1. You can follow on your google reader by clicking on posts on the top left of the screen and selecting Google. You can also subscribe via email by entering your email address. If you were subscribed when we were in Liberia you should still be subscribed. We would love for you to meet the wee one! She is a lot of fun!


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