Saturday, January 14, 2012

Woah Baby!

Woah Baby! That is all you can say when you are 4'11, weigh a buck fifteen (pre-pregnancy) and have a 9lb 1oz. baby. Yep, that's right. We welcomed our handful of joy, Amelia "Millie" Grace Hoover, into this world early last Monday morning. She came barreling into the world hand out ahead of her Super Woman style in the wee smalls of the morning. She is the sweetest- and yes, I know I am biased.

Snug as a bug!

Sleeping away!
Kyle anxiously awaiting her arrival!
First family photo!
Car ride home! I am lovin' my car seat!

That concludes our tour of Millie's arrival. Thanks to all of you who have sent facebook, email, text message and phone love our way. We can't wait to introduce you to this doll in person over the next months and years. We feel so blessed to have so many friends willing to invest in us and this new little one. Her Mano (a tribe in Liberia) name was emailed to us from a friend in Liberia just this morning. It is Whylalehseh which means "God is Good"- Isn't that so true?

Much Love to All,
Kyle and Jessica 

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  1. What a beauty!!! So excited to for you guys! FYI: my "little" Anna was 9 lbs, 3 oz upon delivery. Those January babies - God makes 'em hardy in those early years! :-)


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