Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Long Time No Blog

So I've been really bad about blogging on this blog. Truthfully I've just had other places that I needed to invest my time. I promise I'll get better, but how soon that will be is still in question. I thought I might throw my faithful readers a bone though and upload a few recent pictures. We've been settling in a bit here in the sleepy little town of Stanley and finding our way around. Last Sunday afternoon we went out to a local park with lots of trails and a lake- ya know, typical park stuff. We did a little light (very light) hiking and took a few pictures. I thought I'd share some with ya'll! Enjoy!

An altered pic. of Kyle and I.

Balancing on a rock- not easy as my center of gravity has drastically shifted these days.

Pregnant belly out in nature!

Wild at heart Kyle.

Pretty red leaves

Belly shot (also known as the amazing disappearing feet trick)

Leaves and light...I heart fall...sigh...

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  1. You're lookin' so cute pregnant lady! :-) Can't wait for your wee one to arrive!


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