Monday, April 25, 2011

Impatient These Days

Hi folks,

It’s Monday after Easter. We’re getting used to celebrating holidays here in Liberia, but we have to say that we’d loved to have been worshipping our Great God with friends and family yesterday.

We’re headed into the home stretch before our vacation. In 3 weeks we’re hopping a plane bound for Paris for a couple of weeks of much needed rest thanks to some very generous friends. We’re feeling a little impatient about the next 3 weeks. After 6 months of being stretched in every area we are in desperate need of some space to rest and get perspective.

I hope you read last Wednesday’s post about Kyle’s uber awesome well sighting abilities. It really was a highlight of our time here in Liberia to drive out to the camp and find that the drillers had hit substantial water at one of the sights Kyle selected. I’ve got a couple of videos from the day that I will upload while in France.


No news to report for this coming week. We are working away and the work as usual is “plenty”. God is moving in our hearts and we are trying to sort through the meaning of what He is saying. That in and of it’s self is a full time job. Nonetheless, He is good and has given us much during our time here. Things that right now we are too much in the middle of all of this to see.

We appreciate everyone’s prayers. Please keep them coming!

Weekly Prayer Needs:

Pray for wisdom as we make important decisions for the future.

Pray that we would continue to be healthy (Praise God that we have not had any sicknesses so far!)

Pray that we would be sensitive to the Spirits leading as we minister to those around us.

Pray for us to be energized over the next few weeks and run hard until our break!


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~Kyle and Jessica Hoover

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