Thursday, November 19, 2009

Open for business

Hello All,

We are so excited to have you take this journey to Liberia, West Africa with us! This is our first post of many...We hope that you will follow us, pray for us, support us and be encouraged by us as we watch the Lord do great and mighty things to draw people to Himself from around the world!

So we are guessing that you want to know what we are doing packing up our little corner of North Carolina to move to the middle of no where Africa? Well, as many of you know we have been praying for a long time for the opportunity to explore the chance to do long term missions work. This is our opportunity! As of right now we are committed to go for one year to work with Equip Liberia a ministry of Equip International (check out and Kyle will be working on water and sanitation projects putting to good use his skills in hydrogeology and I (Jessica) will be working with issues surrounding women and children such as nutrition and maternal health (my specialty as a birth doula!)

That is just a brief summary and more details will be shared in the coming weeks. If you get a chance read up on Liberia...wikipedia will give you some info or check out one of the documentaries (both can be found on netflix) listed in our "Favorite Movies" on our profile. After you educate yourself take time to pray for us and the mission that has been set before us. We appreciate your love and support as we seek to raise the money we will need to minister freely for a year.

Peace friends,

Check out our short profile at Equip Internationals website:


  1. So excited to follow this journey with you two!

  2. Ah! Yikes! I had no idea! You will be in my prayers as you prepare, and I look forward to keeping in blogger-touch!


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